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Cracker Net and Round Table 10/28/2012

Cracker Net and Round Table 10/14/2012

Thursday April 19 2012 Cracker Net Audio

___ Geritol Net 4 13 2012 2012 click here for audio

A collection of newsletters produced by the Georgia Cracker Radio Club. These newsletters were saved by Dicky Bird, WA4IQU, also known as Jasper Dixon. Dicky gave them to me to be scanned and saved for the future and here they are.

October 1994

January 1999 April 1999 July 1999

January 2000 April 2000 June 2000 September 2000

April 2001 November 2001

Undated Roster

Look for more here in the next few weeks, including a bunch of Albany Amateur Radio Club Newsletters. Here are a couple of previews. Albany April 2000 Albany May 2000

Easter Sunday Cracker Net 2012 click here for audio